Jacob Steinman

Receptionist at Clarice's


Ordinary Level 3 Receptionist
Speed of 30 ft.

Str: -3
Dex: +1
Con: +1
Int: +4
Wis: +2
Cha: +1
Conviction: 3
Initiative: +0
Attack: +1
Defense: +11

Computers: (Int) +6
Diplomacy: (Cha) +5
Stealth: (Dex) +4

Saving Throws:
Tough: +1
Fort: +1
Ref: +1
Will: +2

Light Pistol: Dam: 3 Crit: 20/3 Range: 30ft


Our resident receptionist. He know all of the dirty secrets of the true nature of the business. Jacob keeps them because he is a good man who likes what he does, though he wishes that it wasn’t so dangerous. He is constantly nervous about the safety of himself and our heroes and prone to anxiety attacks. He is extremely thin with curly black hair and small, stylish glasses. He is always well dressed, mild mannered, and prompt.

Jacob is originally from Hoboken, where his parents still live. He visits them every month for a few days. He likes the town but is much happier in the big city. Jersey never suited him the way NYC does.

Jacob’s hands are earthquakes of movement, he is incapable of keeping them still. All of his pens have broken caps and the Rubix Cube on his desk has seen better days from constant fiddling. His medication helps keep his nervous tics at bay, but his fears are stronger than his Xanax. Somehow he manages. And does a damn good job at that.

Jacob Steinman

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